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This is "The Brief" your creative sidekick here to keep your content buzzing and ensure you're always in the know.

GM. This is The Brief your creative sidekick here to keep your content buzzing and ensure you're always in the know.

Here’s what we got today:

  • How Limitations Fuel Creativity
  • Milk Road is hiring!
  • New tool - Community

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Imagine texting your favorite creators or brands. Well, that is exactly what community allows you to do.

Community allows brands and creators to text fans instantly at scale.

Story of the week:

How Limitations Fuel Creativity

There’s a curious paradox: sometimes, fewer options lead to more innovative solutions. It's not about the abundance of resources but the intensity of focus and ingenuity that constraints demand.

A quintessential example of this phenomenon can be seen in the blockbuster success of the movie "Deadpool."

Today, we’re diving into the counterintuitive magic of constraints and how they can kick our creative muscles into superhero mode.

And who better to guide us through this quirky journey than the merc with a mouth himself—Deadpool!

The Deadpool Phenomenon: Creativity Under Constraints

Picture this: you’re handed a few dimes to create a superhero flick. You look over at your big studio buddies, splashing cash on dazzling explosions and CGI armies. What do you do? Well, if you’re the team behind "Deadpool," you roll up your sleeves and get creatively crafty.

With a budget tighter than Deadpool’s suit, the creative team couldn't throw money at problems. No sir! They had to rely on their wits—crafting razor-sharp wit, a story that sticks, and characters that pop right off the screen, all without the luxury of endless cash. This lean approach led to a film that wasn’t just good; it was a smack-in-the-face awesome!

Typically superhero movies can range from $250 million to $495 million and higher (according to ScreenRant).

Deadpool's budget was $58 Million. Their budget was even cut from the initial greenlight.

Source: MarketWatch

Why Constraints Work

Forced Innovation: Here’s the kicker: when you can’t walk through the front door, you might discover a secret tunnel that leads to brilliance. For "Deadpool," less budget meant more daring in humor and storytelling.

Clarity of Focus: When you only have a few crayons in the box, you learn to draw more precisely. "Deadpool" had to make each scene, each line, and each gag count, sharpening the film into a sleek, no-filler thrill ride that knew exactly what it was and who it was for.

Enhanced Engagement: Ever noticed how puzzles are more fun when they’re just the right level of challenging? Working within constraints turns the creative process into a thrilling brain teaser. Each problem solved is a high-five moment, making the creative journey an addictive rush.

Applying the Deadpool Lesson

So, how can you harness your inner Deadpool in the face of tight budgets, looming deadlines, or resource shortages? Here’s how:

  • Start with the story: What’s the heart of your project? Nail that, and then strip away anything that doesn’t serve it.
  • Embrace your limitations: Flip the script—see your constraints not as cage bars but as a jungle gym. Climb, swing, and leap into new creative territories.
  • Iterate creatively: Think of each constraint as a creative challenge. Play within the lines to discover solutions you might never have considered if the sky were the limit.

In a nutshell, "Deadpool" didn’t just cope with constraints; it salsa danced with them. The result? A blockbuster that carved out its own niche with a chainsaw of charm and wit. So next time you hit a creative wall, don’t despair. Put on your Deadpool cap, look that challenge in the eye, and whisper, "Let’s dance." Who knows? You might just create something explosively awesome.

Source: MarketWatch

As for Dealpool's Box Office number, it brought in over $700 million!

Content Careers:

Looking at a career as a content creator here are some companies hiring:

Milk Road is hiring a few content key roles:

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