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The Brief - Analytics Vs. Taste

GM. This is The Brief, your creative copilot helping you focus on standing out from algorithms.

GM. This is The Brief, your creative copilot helping you focus on standing out from algorithms.

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  • Analytics Vs. Taste
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Lower Street
Lower Street is a full-service podcast production agency that creates podcasts for brands and creators.

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What's more important: Analytics vs Taste

Oh, snap! Brian Halligan, co-founder of HubSpot, just dropped a hot take on Twitter that's stirring up the marketing pot!

Hot take 🌶️:

Source: Brian Halligan

Fellow SVP of Marketer at Hubspot, Kieran Flanagan, added on LinkedIn:

As many readers here are creative strategists and directors, this tweet is like a starter pistol for an exciting race.

So, let's lace up and dive into the showdown between analytics and taste in campaign creation.

The Digital Duel: Analytics vs. Taste

AI algorithms can crunch numbers faster than we can blink. The sentiment of analytics vs. taste comes from the question of how brands can differentiate.

What is left if AI progresses at a speed that can handle all the data and analytics side of the house?

The cheaper AI computing power becomes, the cheaper the data. As prompts spread across the internet like wildfire, users begin to use the same ideas, prompts, and references, which can lead to a massive sea of sameness.

The pendulum swings (and has swung) heavily towards analytics, with campaigns becoming more about what the numbers dictate and less about the human touch.

According to CompTIA: 35% of firms surveyed are using AI for content production.

But here’s the problem—while AI excels at optimizing ads for clicks, it's not sipping coffee at a Parisian café, pondering the aesthetic appeal of a sunset or the emotional pull of a well-told story. This is where "good taste" takes over.

The Case for Creativity and Taste

Marketers with a heart for storytelling bring something to the table that AI struggles to grapple with: authentic human connection. They craft brands that resonate, tell stories that touch hearts, and create visuals that stick in your mind long after you've scrolled past.

"Storytelling can help you differentiate...Stories can help people care about things they didn't know they cared about." - Content Marketing Institute

Good taste is about curating experiences that feel bespoke and understanding that sometimes, the best engagement isn’t measured in clicks but in the silent appreciation of a consumer who feels seen and understood. I say silent because these are the metrics that are hard to measure.

Integrating AI and Aesthetic

So, how do we balance the scales between analytical prowess and artistic flair? It starts with recognizing that AI and human creativity are not rivals but potential partners in crafting compelling narratives.

Use AI to handle the grunt work of data processing and predictive analytics, but let human creativity steer the ship of brand identity and content.

Embracing the Underrated: Marketers with Taste

In a world captivated by data, marketers who can blend AI efficiency with human empathy and taste could lead the next revolution in marketing. These marketers can look beyond spreadsheets to understand cultural currents and craft messages that not only perform well but also feel right.

Looking for some creative inspiration?

OK, now what? Here are some links packed with ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

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  • It's Nice That - Inspiring creativity through stories, insights, and content
  • Deathtostock - Inspiring visuals to replace stock photos

Content Careers:

Looking at a career in content or creative endeavors, here are some companies hiring:

Other reads:

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