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How Jenny Hoyos Masters Short-Form Video Content

I've listened to every interview with Jenny Hoyos to learn the secrets of short-form video. I unpack them in this post.
How Jenny Hoyos Masters Short-Form Video Content

Jenny Hoyos has been dropping some serious knowledge on podcasts such as My First Million, Marketing Against the Grain, and Creator Science about creating short-form videos. I've listened to every interview to learn some of her secrets:

Trying to unpack some key insights:

  • What are her tactics for creating short form?
  • How does she constantly make videos go viral?

Jenny's stats are insane: She has over 600 million views in the past year, averaging 10 million views per video! Jenny's strategy hinges on deeply analyzing successful shorts, like those of MrBeast and Ryan Trahan, to understand the viral formula.

She's dishing out strategies that are perfect for anyone aiming to compete with long-form video earners.

Here’s the scoop on Jenny’s approach:

  1. Viral Content Is Crafted, Not Chance: Jenny debunks the notion that virality is a stroke of luck. By meticulously studying successful shorts, she demonstrates that a video about virtually anything can go viral with the right elements of the story and a twist.
  2. Every Second Counts: In short-form content, immediate engagement is key. Jenny emphasizes the importance of ending your video as soon as its purpose is fulfilled. This tight editing ensures viewers stay hooked till the very end. Ex
  3. Platform-Specific Strategies: Not all short-form platforms are created equal. Jenny points out that YouTube Shorts and TikTok cater to different audience preferences, underlining the importance of tailoring content to each platform's unique audience.
  4. Retention Is Key But Not King: Contrary to popular belief, Jenny suggests that retention rates, while important, aren't the sole determinants of a video's success. Her analysis reveals that a compelling narrative can drive virality even with less-than-ideal retention metrics.
  5. The Power of Personal Connection: Making content personal and relatable increases viewer investment. Jenny illustrates this with an example of raising money for a broken kitchen by cooking for strangers, adding layers of personal stakes and irony to engage viewers.
  6. Crafting the Perfect Hook: For Jenny, a successful short begins with a strong, visually compelling hook that can stand alone as a title and thumbnail. This approach ensures the video's premise is clear and intriguing from the first glance.
  7. Business-Minded Approach: Jenny treats her channel like it's her startup—regular uploads, quality content, and a keen eye on the schedule. It's all about consistency and quality, folks!
  8. Finding Your Niche (Blue Ocean Strategy): Jenny initially mirrored big names but soon carved out her own niche by focusing on a younger audience with financial advice. Her strategy? Dive into areas less traveled and make them your own. Ex: Mr. Beast-style videos, but on a budget.
  9. Dual Narrative Storytelling: Jenny uses a clever technique where she tells two stories at once—one through her voiceover and another through visuals. This method keeps the content rich yet concise, perfect for the fast-paced world of Shorts.
  10. Engagement Tactics: She emphasizes the importance of 'but' and 'so' in storytelling. These connectors keep the narrative exciting and prevent viewers from scrolling away.

For anyone looking to get serious about short-form videos, taking a page out of Jenny Hoyos’s playbook could be your key to unlocking that viral success.

By understanding what resonates with audiences and how to effectively communicate that within the constraints of short-form media, creators can elevate their content and achieve remarkable engagement.

Jenny’s insights might just be what you need to elevate your short-form content game!

(Sources: Creator Science, VidIQ, Marketing Against the Grain, My First Million)

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